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The Desert Spa

Too often do we accept our tensions and aches as an unfortunate normality of modern life. In reality, every now and then, our bodies need and deserve extraordinary care.

Treatment Ingredients and Botanicals at Two Bunch Palms Hotel

If you're new to the world of spas, we invite you to discover the transformative power of a wellness retreat at Two Bunch Palms.


Our spa treatments are designed to be approachable and accessible for spa novices, while still offering the rejuvenating benefits that seasoned spa-goers crave.

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We believe that extraordinary care is an essential part of modern life, and that every body deserves to be pampered and cared for.

Our spa treatments are designed to complement and enhance the healing properties of our natural mineral waters, creating a powerful synergy that promotes wellness and rejuvenation.


Let our renowned healers guide you on a journey of self-care and discovery, as you indulge in the ultimate wellness experience. Retreat yourself the right way, and experience the transformative power of our mineral waters and expert spa treatments.

The Unique Composition of our Mineral Waters

Our mineral waters are famous for its therapeutic and mood enhancing properties, low in sulfur and rich in lithium.


Scientists have posited that soaking in hot springs has shown to provide the body valuable nutrients needed to: Rid toxins through increased sweating, increase blood circulation, relieve pressure, pain and stress, improve your PH level, help repair tissue damage, stimulate your metabolism and balance your body's natural systems.

The lithium mineral waters at Two Bunch Palms Hotel

Throughout history, cultures have been drawn to water.

The practice commonly known as “taking of the waters” refers to thousands of years of social, medicinal and spiritual rituals created to experience the preventative, therapeutic, and restorative benefits of water.

The mineral waters at Two Bunch flow from a 600 year old natural spring that recharges every 24 hours and returns to the ground thereafter. The water emerges from the earth at over 100 degrees.

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