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The Desert Spa

Too often do we accept our tensions and aches as an unfortunate normality of modern life. In reality, every now and then, our bodies need and deserve extraordinary care.

Our spa treatments are designed to complement and enhance the healing properties of our natural mineral waters. Let our renowned healers guide you on a journey of self-care. Retreat yourself the right way, and experience the transformative power of wellness at Two Bunch.

Two Bunch Palms Outdoor Shower

Full Body Reset | $685

Balancing Massage (60 min), Two Bunch Facial (60 min), Adaptogen Wrap (120 min)

The Full Body Reset – our no-nonsense approach to holistic wellness, perfectly curated for the discerning spa goer. Included in this series, we have our Balancing Massage – an ideal antidote to the strain of the digital age. Unplug, unwind, and let our expert therapists work their magic to realign your energies and dispel physical tension. Next up, treat your skin to the Two Bunch Facial, a custom treatment designed to suit your unique skin needs. It's about more than just looking good – it's about nourishing your skin with the respect it deserves. Rounding off the program is our unique Adaptogen Wrap. Embrace the power of nature's adaptogens that work to boost your resilience against stress and help restore your body's natural equilibrium.

Detox Boost | $665

Lymphatic Drainage (60 min), Superfood Facial (60 min), Abdominal Detox Wrap (120 min)

The Detox Boost – a tailored program for those who understand that wellness isn’t a trend, it’s a commitment. Kick off your transformative journey with a Lymphatic Massage. This technique is all about promoting well-being by supporting your body’s internal filtration system. Let our skilled therapists help you to flush toxins and reduce water retention, leaving you feeling lighter and more energetic. Next, get wrapped up in our Abdominal Detox Wrap. It's not just about the inches; it's about supporting your body's natural detox process and enhancing overall wellness-- promote better digestion, reduce bloating and reset your core. Finish off with our Superfood Facial, a nutrient-packed treatment designed to revitalize and replenish your skin.

Desert Revival | $715

Desert Abhyanga (60 min), Reiki (60 min), Good Herb Wrap (120 min)

Introducing the "Desert Revival" – a curated wellness trio that encapsulates the tranquility of the desert landscape. Start your revival with our Desert Abhyanga Massage. This unique treatment is about more than relaxation; it's about helping your body find its natural rhythm and balance, using techniques rooted in ancient healing traditions. Next, lose yourself in a session of Reiki. Let the universal energy do its work, clearing blockages, aligning your chakras, and restoring harmony to your body and mind. It's not just a treatment; it's an experience of inner peace and balance. Cap off your revival journey with our Herbal Wrap. Immerse yourself in the healing properties of the herbal oil as the wrap cocoons you, soothing any aches and pains and promoting a sense of deep relaxation.

The Unique Composition of our Mineral Waters

Our mineral waters are famous for its therapeutic and mood enhancing properties, low in sulfur and rich in lithium.


Scientists have posited that soaking in hot springs has shown to provide the body valuable nutrients needed to: Rid toxins through increased sweating, increase blood circulation, relieve pressure, pain and stress, improve your PH level, help repair tissue damage, stimulate your metabolism and balance your body's natural systems.

Throughout history, cultures have been drawn to water.

The practice commonly known as “taking of the waters” refers to thousands of years of social, medicinal and spiritual rituals created to experience the preventative, therapeutic, and restorative benefits of water.

The mineral waters at Two Bunch flow from a 600 year old natural spring that recharges every 24 hours and returns to the ground thereafter. The water emerges from the earth at over 100 degrees.

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