Rooms & Suites

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Please note that Two Bunch is strictly for guests 18 and over.

Grove and Desert

Grove & Desert Rooms span from the heart of the property to the outer edges of our oasis. Grove rooms are situated adjacent to the Pond and are centrally located amidst a lush olive grove. Farther down the property, the Desert rooms are situated near our coveted palm and hammock grove. 

The Springs

The name Spring Rooms, says it all. Set within a lush tropical landscape, these rooms are designed for digital detox and the closest you’ll find to our Grotto, where our famed waters peak from beneath the surface to fill lithium baths and pools for you to enjoy.


Two Bunch offers 14 uniquely designed suites thoughtfully situated throughout the property landscape. Each with their own style sensibilities, the suites offer the ultimate private retreat experience.