Driving to Two Bunch Palms
It’s a considered turn—opting to guide your car toward the silent stretches of Route 62 instead of taking 111 toward the well-traveled path of the Coachella Valley.


You have a feeling you’re on the right track. Your destination, Two Bunch Palms.

An oasis formed miraculously in an otherwise barren desert. So the story goes, in 1857, a settler discovered the site – a place to rest and find water, marked by two palm groves.

You hear splashes, yelps, rushing water.


You remember that line from the America song: In the desert you can’t remember your name and your mind grows curious. 

You soak for hours in a sunken pool. The spring water, smooth against your skin. 


Flowing for 600 years under the surface, these waters, low in sulfur and rich in lithium, see their first light of day as they flow into our pools at The Springs.

Mineral Water at Two Bunch Palms
Soaking in a Teak Tub at Two Bunch Palms

Two Bunch Palms is a contemporary wellness escape where we implore you to define what wellness means for yourself.


With no pretense of patrons sipping cucumber water in mud masks, wellness is whatever you make of it.


Sleek but still relaxed — this place doesn’t ask anything of you.


Here, you feel a long way from anywhere, but right where you need to be.