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A mineral hot springs pool at Two Bunch Palms

Two Bunch Palms is a contemporary wellness escape where we implore you to define what wellness means for yourself.

With no pretense of patrons sipping cucumber water in mud masks, wellness is whatever you make of it.


Sleek but still relaxed — this place doesn’t ask anything of you.


Here, you feel a long way from anywhere, but right where you need to be.

Set within a lush and intimate oasis, bathe in therapeutic, mood enhancing mineral waters from our 600 year old natural spring followed by treatments from our renowned healers to experience an effortlessly holistic wellness journey.

Unlike a traditional spa experience in almost every way, Two Bunch is here to casually indulge your desire to retreat yourself.

A relaxing massage at Two Bunch Palms Hotel
A Day in the Life at Two Bunch Palms Hotel

An Experience

8 AM - Outdoor Sunrise Salutations

9 AM - Tranquil Morning Mineral Water Float

10 AM - Breakfast Acai Bowl and Fresh Young Coconut

11 AM - Superfood Facial

12 PM - Sage Cleansing Workshop

1 PM - Mezze Platter Lunch by The Pool

3 PM - Adaptogen Body Wrap


4 PM - CBD Infused Deep Tissue Massage

6 PM - Dinner at Twine Bar

8 PM - Fireside S'mores and Spiked Hot Chocolate

10 PM - Night Float and Stargazing

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