Beyond the expansive desert landscape, set within a lush and intimate oasis,  bathe in therapeutic, mood enhancing mineral waters from our 600 year old natural spring and follow up with ready and rejuvenating treatments from our renowned healers to experience an effortlessly holistic wellness journey.

The Unique Composition of our Mineral Waters

Our mineral waters are famous for its therapeutic and mood enhancing properties, low in sulfur and rich in lithium.


Scientists have posited that soaking in hot springs has shown to provide the body valuable nutrients needed to: Rid toxins through increased sweating, increase blood circulation, relieve pressure, pain and stress, improve your PH level, help repair tissue damage, stimulate your metabolism and balance your body's natural systems.


Throughout history, cultures have been drawn to water.

The practice commonly known as “taking of the waters” refers to thousands of years of social, medicinal and spiritual rituals created to experience the preventative, therapeutic, and restorative benefits of water.

The mineral waters at Two Bunch flow from a 600 year old natural spring that recharges every 24 hours and returns to the ground thereafter. The water emerges from the earth at over 100 degrees.