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Mineral Tubs Equal Enjoyment Policy - Book Tubs

We hear you. Nobody likes a tub camper. And not everybody wants to bathe with a stranger. So, we listened to your feedback and we’ve created a reservation system to ensure everyone can enjoy a stress-free private soak at no cost.


Don’t panic! Lots of tubs, lots of time slots. Cool pool and main grotto are available at any time, no reservations required.


We are currently offering 90 minute slots for the concrete tubs and 60 minute slots for the teak tubs. All tubs are first come, first serve, for each time slot you book. You can reserve a tub for your party of up to 6 people. And yes, you can book multiple sessions, but please be mindful.


If you book multiple back to back sessions, your reservation will automatically be canceled (because that’s tub camping!) There’s a 15 minute grace period for each reservation, after which, your reservation will be released. If you need to change or cancel, please text 760-676-5000.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding.


The Official Committee Against Tub Camping

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