Take your first step towards wellbeing with these treatments designed with your overall wellbeing in mind.

Green your Body

Ultimate skin renewal that strips down, burns up (detoxifies), calms, nourishes and gently rebuilds the body using organic essential oils. Includes a skin brushing, skin polishing with natural pumice, a scalp infusion experience, an optional face massage and deeply relaxing cocoon wrap, followed by an intuitive massage.

Mood Enhancing

A multi-sensory treatment focused on increasing vitality; grounding the body, releasing tension to quiet the mind and let go of fear, grief and past regrets. The treatment focuses on the meridians and includes a gentle skin exfoliation; Ayurvedic lymphatic release massage, hydrating facial mask, cold stone nourishment, penetrating scalp application and a healing foot treatment.


This profoundly balancing therapy works on the back of the body and focuses primarily on the spine. A 20 step process using 10 essential oils for back pain and the nervous and immune systems. This potent treatment remains active in the body for five to seven days, and is ideal for stress, back pain, jet lag, exhaustion and low energy.

Wellness for Cancer

Experience our Mindful Touch Massage by our certified Wellness for Cancer therapists. Included in this 90 minute session is a 15 minute pretreatment consultation, a 60 minute massage ranging from ‘touch’ pressure to medium (depending on stage of cancer) combined with energy healing, and a post 15 minute rest & recovery period.