Wake Up to Wellness 2014 with Scott Cole

January 2, 2014

Kick up your Wellness IQ and step boldly into the New Year with a half day program with premier Tai Chi & Fitness Expert Scott Cole.

  • Strength: Redefine strength by sinking INTO your body rather than pushing outward with Scott’s Yin/Yang approach to balancing the body, mind, and spirit through Yoga and Martial arts-inspired sessions.
  • Flexibility: “We are often our own worst enemy through our lack of flexibility—a tight body often reflects mental and spiritual rigidity,” says Cole “so let’s make 2014 the year to Lighten Up, Loosen Up, and LET GO at all levels.”  
  • Stress-Reduction: Scott says, “Stress is the body-clogging result of fear-based living. Don’t let it happen to you.” From encouraging mantras and meaningful movement to Scott’s renowned White Light Guided Imagery meditation, this is your chance to melt away the stress and have the tools to take home to deflect stress in the future.


9:00am Yoga (Vinyasa) Yoga Dome Flow Movement
9:30am Qi Gong Yoga Dome Scott Cole
11:00am Tai Chi – Yoga Yoga Dome Scott Cole
12:30pm Lunch with Scott Essense
2:00pm Martial Art Dance Yoga Dome Scott Cole

From Abs of Steel to Discover Tai Chi, Scott Cole’s career covers decades of muscle and spirit.  A wellness presenter and lecturer in over 30 countries, the former National Aerobic Champion and a pioneer of mind/body fitness, blends Yoga, Qigong, Tai Chi, Dance, Movement Therapy, and Meditation.  Known as “America’s Premier Tai Chi and Fitness Expert,” Scott has been featured on The View, LIVE with Regis and Kelly, The Doctors, The Early Show, HGTV, The Food Network, and more. Scott has over 15 top-selling DVDs and has contributed to over 500 publications worldwide including the LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Mens Fitness, SHAPE, GQ, Fit Yoga, Family Circle, and the desert’s Palm Springs Life and Going Organic Magazine.

For more on Scott, visit scottcole.com.

Scott Cole Video Excerpts: scottcole.com/video.html

Scott Cole on The Doctors: youtube.com/watch?v=g9JiRnBnspw