Valohna Wynn

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAValohna Wynn is a graduate of Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles. Her artistic and creative expression has always been at the core of who she is. Valohna has been drawn into…. THE PROCESS OF CREATING…inventive ways to empower people. Her goal has been to invite people to think differently about themselves and their creative abilities. Valohna Wynn strongly believes in fostering human connection and reminding every woman that she is a goddess, regardless of age or origin.  Founder of Tribe Gratitude, Valohna upholds the philosophy that every woman deserves to share her story and shine her brightest.  Her wire-wrapped necklaces aim to empower the women who wear them–serving as talismans which remind women of their strength and brilliance.


Ecstatic Heart Movement

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Ecstatic Heart Movement class is a 60 minute experience offered to our guests who would like to step into a flowing movement that is meditation based, heart awakening and teamed with tribal belly dance movement.

Our Guests will start their movement class with a seated meditation specifically designed to ground the soul by incorporating a combination of guided imagery, breath work, body awareness and gentle seated movement to reawaken the soul. Guests then move into a more active standing Tribal dance Movement experience using simple tribal dance techniques, fans, veils and movement interactions that are heart awakening and connecting for all that participate.

To Close and conclude our Ecstatic Heart Movement class, guests will enjoy an ecstatic dance experience that has been created for participants to express their own unique style of dance movement in a joyful, non judgmental and freestyle atmosphere. The ecstatic dance portion of the class program is gently facilitated and designed with eclectic musical beats to empower and refresh the spirit.

Valohna’s unique closing ritual to honor guests and close this special movement class will bond participants by leaving our guests hearts opened, inspired and connected with one another in a powerful way.