The Grotto

Grotto FB 2 300x199 The Grotto

Throughout history, cultures have been drawn to water. The practice commonly known as ‘taking of the waters’ refers to thousands of years of social, medicinal & spiritual rituals created to experience the preventative, therapeutic, and restorative benefits of water. It is in these same rituals that we find the root of Spa.*

The mineral waters found in The Grotto are first cooled and then they cascade into the two carved pool areas – one at 104 degrees and the larger at 99 degrees. It is one of the few mineral springs with no sulfurous odor, simply a woodsy scent. A canopy of trees filters the desert sun, but opens to the shimmer of moonlight, the sparkle of stars and the occasional nighttime flyover by our resident guardian white owls. The Grotto experienced at midnight is a heavenly delight, a thoroughly romantic indulgence.

Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa was named “Best for Mineral Springs” each year 2004 through 2010 by the readers of Spa Finder Magazine.

Millennia ago, deep beneath the Southern California desert, nature created the hottest artesian mineral well in the world. The unparalleled water of this natural phenomenon rises from the deep double geological fault of Miracle Hill at approximately 148 degrees Fahrenheit and then emerges to nurture the oasis at Two Bunch Palms.*

The native Cahuilla Indians consider the hot springs one of their “points of power,” a place to contact the central creative force. Cheryl Jeffries, curator of the Agua Caliente Indian Heritage Museum explains: “The Cahuilla believe life in all its forms – humans, animals, even inanimate objects – is interconnected, and spiritualism is like a current running through the earth. At certain geographic points of power they tap into the life force and communicate with the animals and inanimate objects of their cultural folklore.