Two Bunch Palms is dedicated to being a leader in sustainability within the wellness-resort industry. Sustainability basically calls for us to use protocols and practices that manage our natural resources and human capital responsibly in order to be efficient, do no harm and preserve those resources and quality of life for future generations.

Two Bunch Palms seeks to create a healthy working environment by being fair to its employees and by promoting sustainable practices throughout its facilities.   Whether we offer healthier farm-to-table cuisine in our restaurant, better potable water conservation practices for irrigation, non-toxic and more natural cleaning and treatment products, recycling throughout the property, sell more sustainable retail goods, renovating our rooms with energy efficient windows, doors and hot water heaters or generate our electricity from 100% renewal sources, the company strives to meet its sustainable goals and be an inspiring thought-leader and example in the marketplace.

The construction of our solar field is a major leap forward for Two Bunch Palms and the wellness resort industry as a whole. In fact, we are redefining the wellness space by reminding people that personal well-being and planetary health are part of the same equation. In a world that continues to be connected through technology, economies and competition for natural resources, how we live as individuals, within communities and in association with the natural environment matters.  The partnership with Pear Energy to build a 3.5-acre solar field, scheduled to be completed by April 2015, will generate the equivalent of 100% of its electrical power needs through renewable energy, making it the first resort of its kind in North America. In addition, it will save over 13 million pounds of carbon emissions and 375 million gallons of water over 21 years, thereby reinforcing our ethos about individual vs planetary health.
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Two Bunch Palms awarded Corporate Brand Dedicated to Sustainability by the Green Spa Network 2015 Awards.