Body Therapy

Our skin is the largest organ in the body, serving as a protective barrier and expelling toxins through sweat and oil. In developing the following treatments, we have taken into consideration the permeable nature of the skin as well as its many functions in order to select products that exfoliate, cleanse, and strengthen it naturally.


A profoundly relaxing treatment that utilizes the frequency of castor oil to help restore harmony to the nervous system, rejuvenate the lymphatic system, soothe the digestive system and strengthen the body’s immunity.  The treatment begins with a dry brushing to stimulate the lymph system.  A castor oil pad is applied to your abdomen before you are cocooned in warmth and treated to a nurturing scalp and foot massage.  This 60 minute treatment is offered with the option of adding on a 30 minute massage the end.
60 minutes – $165                      90 minutes (including 30 minute massage) – $209

Grotto Salt Glow

Mineral water flows continuously while Epsom salts and pure powdered herbs relax muscles and clear away layers of lackluster skin. Finish with a witch-hazel liniment rub and hydrating application to leave you all aglow.
90 minutes – $179

Sweet Palm Body Polish

This Two Bunch favorite; this highly moisturizing treatment combines babasu oil, turbinado sugar, and essential oils of jasmine and organic citrus. Incorporating a scrub, wrap and hydrating oil application, this treatment first exfoliates then hydrates, delighting your skin and your senses.
60 minutes – $145Clay-wrap

Cahuilla Clay Wrap

This profoundly detoxifying wrap begins with a full-body dry brushing followed by the application of a creamy clay mixture that draws out toxins while replenishing the minerals in your skin. After a shower, you’ll round out the experience with a 40-minute massage that moisturizes your skin with an essential oil blend of frankincense and myrrh.
90 minutes – $179

Bohemian Body Essence

The ultimate gift, to oneself or a loved one, gives top-to-toe indulgence and leaves you hydrated, refreshed and satin-soft. Includes a babasu polish, wildflower wrap, shea butter massage, hair treatment, and mini-facial.
90 minutes – $189

Desert Vitality

Targets the respiratory, immune, and adrenal systems in an energizing and detoxifying festival of herbs. Hot stones bring heat deep into the muscles while carefully blended relaxing oils are applied to your skin. Finish with our magnesium mineral mask to restore energy and optimize muscle function, while enjoying a soothing scalp massage.
90 minutes – $189

Prickly Pear Body Wrap

Designed to hydrate and cool your body, this treatment includes a 25-minute application of our moisturizing “Prickly Pear Jojoba Butter” followed by a 30 minute cooling wrap.  Relax as your therapist gives you a dry scalp massage and a facial massage with our “Prickly Pear Defense Facial Treatment Oil”.
60 minutes – $135

Over the years, we have offered several treatments that remain favorites among our repeat guests. Our spa providers are extremely diverse with many gifts to offer. If there is a healing arts modality that you enjoy and it is not listed, we welcome your request.