Moss, Minerals and Mud

As seen in the movie The Player the mud baths at Two Bunch Palms are legendary. This unique experience allows you to float weightless in a tub filled with a mixture of peat moss and our mineral-rich clay and waters. Not for the faint of heart, die-hard mud bathers come back again and again.

Please advise your treatment advisor of any health conditions that may be contraindicative to this experience.

Bask and Bake – Approximately 30 minutes per person $89

Immerse your body in a private mud tub for up to 20 minutes and lounge for 10 more on a private sun deck.

Herbal Poultice – 60 minutes $135

A full immersion mud bath followed by a treatment using poultices filled with herbs to soothe and detoxify are applied to the body with a warm essential blend of oils.

Mud Bath and Arnica Wrap – 60 minutes $135

Still the mind and calm the nervous system with a mud bath followed by a healing, anti-inflammatory arnica flower wrap. Arnica famously speeds healing and recovery and, in combination with wild sage extracts, acts as a great tonic for the body.