Immersion Therapies

Water Therapy: Still or Sparkling

Enjoy the mineral springs in your own time and pace…. immersion and soulful rest. Available 24/7 to all guests.
Why not try combining a 60 minute massage with ‘taking the waters’ for deeper relaxation and therapeutic benefit?

Just add movement! These treatments incorporate soaking while being placed in
highly effective and beautifully choreographed shiatsu and yoga-like postures.

WATSU® / Water Shiatsu

60 minutes – $145
90 minutes – $199

Experience the sensation of floating in the clouds! In the privacy of our WATSU® pools, a gentle shiatsu-based treatment, including stretches and subtle energy point work, increases flexibility, evokes peace, and restores balance.

Aqua Soma – 60 minutes $135

Fluid, yoga-like movements maximize the water’s resistance to gently open the neck, spine and joints of the body. A great introduction to Waterdance.

Waterdance – 60 minutes $145

Expand your immersion experience with movements both on the surface and underwater. Wave-like movements free the spine, open the body, and liberate your energy. You may feel as if you are back in the womb.

Aqua Reflexology – 60 minutes $155

Bring your foot and hand reflexology session to the next level of tranquility as you float weightless in our private WATSU® pool.

Cranial Sacral in the Water – 60 minutes $135

Experience cranio sacral therapy in its purest form – while floating weightless in our private WATSU® pool.

Watsu® is a registered service mark of Harold Duli