Facial Enhancements

Additional Treatment time per Enhancement

Quick Lift – 30 minutes $65

Relax with instant results! This add on treatment combines advanced anti-aging technology to produce fast results without the downtime. Microcurrent technology lifts, firms and contours your jawline, cheeks and eye areas. The treatment is finished with a photo light therapy to soften and plump the skin so you can look fresh, bright and well-rested. 
Great treatment just prior to a special event or photoshoot.

Glycolic & Paraffin Treatment – 15 minutes – $35

Experience the ultimate intensive treatment to soften and renew your hands and feet. We start with gently massaging a powerfully exfoliating lotion onto your hands and feet, then enveloping your hands and feet in warm paraffin to seal in moisture. A final application of a hydrating lotion deeply moisturizes your skin.

Back & Shoulder Deep Cleansing Masque & Extraction – 45 minutes $95

Give your shoulders and your back a mini facial.