Eastern Inspirations/Energy Modalities

The long-range impacts of these treatments are frequently profound, even though they may be initially experienced as subtle. These treatments require specialized training and do not include typical massage strokes.

The Healing Earth Treatment – 90 minutes $189

Receive blessings for your physical and emotional body utilizing universal energy. This transformational ceremony includes a sand scrub, an anointing with oil, and a massage with a tincture of desert herbs, to cleanse and awaken your spirit.

Desert Abhyanga – One Therapist 60 Minutes $145/Two Therapists 60 Minutes $259

Rhythmic, patterned massage, using the oils of wild-harvested desert plants, gently balances & calms your body, mind and spirit in the tradition of East Indian Ayurveda.

Shiatsu – 60 minutes $135/90 minutes $189

Clear and harmonize the body with moderate to deep meridian work which relaxes muscles and engenders peacefulness.

Thai Massage (Floor Mat) – 90 minutes $189

Otherwise known as the ‘Yoga Massage’, your therapist uses hands, elbows, knees, feet and legs to stretch, compress and massage. This is a clothed treatment performed on a padded mat.

Lymphatic Massage – 60 minutes $135

Light, graceful work rhythmically activates the ‘lymphatic pump’ reducing fluid accumulation trapped in tissue and mobilizing toxins.

Craniosacral Therapy – 60 minutes $135/90 minutes $179

This subtle energy treatment uses very light touch to resolve trauma in the nervous system by allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow more freely, thereby inducing deep relaxation and wellbeing.
This is not a traditional massage.

Reiki – 60 minutes $135/90 minutes – $179

Laying hands gently on or over the body, your therapist becomes a conduit for universal energy which then flows into your body, replenishes your depleted reserves, and rejuvenates your life force.
This is not a traditional massage.