Expand your immersion experience with movements both on the surface & underwater. Wave-like movements free the spine, open the body, & liberate your energy

The Healing Earth Treatment

Receive blessings for your physical & emotional body utilizing universal energy. This transformational ceremony includes a sand scrub, an anointing with oil, & a massage with desert herbs, to cleanse & awaken your spirit.

Sound Healing

Surrender to a harmonious healing sound bath that renews each and every cell of your body. Allow the sound to take away any pain or any suffering and find yourself fully embraced with the magical sound.

OxyGeneo + Facial

Receive instant results from a breakthrough skincare solution that delivers skin exfoliation, maximum nutrient infusion and absorption and natural skin oxygenation simultaneously. Fine lines and wrinkles are immediately softened, pore size minimized and dull complexion revitalized.


Utilizes the frequency of castor oil to help restore harmony to the nervous system, rejuvenate the lymphatic system, soothe the digestive system & strengthen the body’s immunity. Begins with a dry brushing then a castor oil pad is applied to your abdomen before you are cocooned in warmth & treated to a nurturing scalp and foot massage.

Seven Centers Chakra

Utilizing 7 unique, luxurious oils, each attuned to one of the seven chakras and their corresponding colors, this treatment invites relaxation & aligns the chakras so that your sacred energy can flow freely.

Ayurvedic (2 Therapists)

Scented oils customized to your needs are simultaneously massaged by two therapists in a synchronized ritual emphasizing lymphatic drainage, energy movement, and chakra cleansing, inducing deep relaxation.