Sound Healing

Relax and meditate with the powerful healing tools of Tibetan singing bowls and Gongs. Surrender to a harmonious healing sound bath that renews each and every cell of your body. Allow the sound to take away any pain or any suffering and find yourself fully embraced with the magical sound.

*Tibetan singing bowls gently soothe the soul like a massage for the spirit. These magical sounds create a sense of relaxation by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety. Tibetan Singing bowls, gongs effortlessly will take you to a divine inner place of acceptance , balance and peace.


Experience a total physical, mental and body relaxation. Sound massage has been knownn to help relieve pain and problems caused by daily stress, worries, and anxiety.

Physical Benefits: Chakra Clearing and Detoxifying~Reduction of Pain ~Increased Immune Function ~Stress Reduction and Relaxation~Relief from Depression and Anxiety ~ Increased Work Productivity and Focus ~Cessation of Sleep Disorders and Insomnia ~Physical Healing for Illness and Disease ~Enhance Energy Levels throughout the Day

Gyongyi Benedek

Born in TranIMG_9532-1sylvania, Romania, Gyongyi was a competitive athlete in skiing and Biathlon.  While living in Austria, she was introduced to the sacred sound of Tibetan Singing bowls.  After a few sessions, she experienced more confidence, happiness and balance in her life.  Her teacher, Ulriche Kanzi, spent a few years healing her body, mind and spirit using the Peter Hess® method. Certified in Sound healing for group/private sessions. She has been continuing her education through IASH(International Academy of Sound Healing attending and organizing Sound Healing Workshops in Lake Tahoe & in the Coachella Valley.

Gyongyi eventually traveled to India to earn her certification in Ashtanga Vinyasa flow yoga.  She is also a Reiki master and conducts meditation classes in which she plays bowls and gongs through channeling.  A passionate sound healer, Gyongyi dedicates her craft to assisting people in overcoming the effects of trauma and injury.

For Private or Group Sessions, please contact the Spa at 760-288-7801.