Sonic Journey Within, Saturday Sept 19 at 9 PM

slide4Embark on journey inwards with the power of sound. Sounds of gong(s), Himalayan singing bowls, and other accompanying instruments allow us step back from our active conscious view of the world and explore our inner-self. In this journey we are guided towards the core of our being where we can find rest, relaxation, regeneration, and all the benefits that follow such as regulation of physiological functions, improved sleep hygiene, digestion, motivation, confidence, and happiness.


Founders Christine Hays and Jahmaal will conduct a 60 minute sound bath concert at the yoga dome.  Christine, a veteran of the spa world who has spent majority of the last decade in Asia and divides her time between Nepal and the US will join her son Jahmaal, a multicultural yoga/meditation master and healing practitioner who studied the art this art during his years in India and Tibet.   Utilizing Tibetan singing bowls handcrafted with love by talented artisans in Nepal, they will share the ancient yet timeless knowledge of vibrational healing.

From Sept 18-19, Jahmaal will be available for one-on-one sessions.  These experiential sound-therapy sessions produce profound relaxation, bringing the receivers brain wave frequency into an alpha or theta state; these are frequencies that could be used to heal on a cellular level and stimulate the chakra energy centers.  Tibetan singing bowls will be placed on or around you as the vibration and sound reinstates health and well being by restoring the natural frequencies of our body, mind and energy.  Contact the spa at 760-288-7801 to book your experience.