Availability of these sessions is limited to the days when our resident shaman is on property.  We recommend booking in advance to secure your reservation.


Shamanic Healing

Experience one of the most ancient and sacred healing traditions found in many indigenous cultures. Shamanism is not a specific belief system but seeks to become a pathway to connect you to nature and spirit, the source of all things. A shamanistic journey seeks to balance and clear energy and can bring you to a heightened consciousness where you unlock and heal old wounds and/or awaken to intuitive, spiritual guidance. The shamanic approach to healing can involve journeying into your past, your ancestors or past lives, instruments to clear and raise your energetic vibration and other coaching techniques to help reduce the distractions within your normal way of thinking to move you towards your highest possible awareness of your gifts. Our Shaman borrows from many traditions but is rooted in teachings found in Peruvian Shamanism.

Your shaman session begins with an exploratory conversation with our resident shaman to allow her to facilitate cleansing of imbalance from your past, present and future and guide your direction of healing.

 Shamanic Clearing Session 60 Min $195

Your shaman session may include one or more of the following: journey for self-healing; ancestral healing; generational healing; soul retrieval and destiny retrieval to name a few. These ancient techniques create more ease for your every day life and alignment with your highest goals including health, relationships and finances.

Journey with a Shaman 60M  $195

Meet with our resident shaman who will guide you on a special journey after discussing your life’s desires. Your unique journey induced by rhythmic drumming and percussion will assist you in aligning with your purpose and passion. The shaman will guide you to initiate conversations with your body, recognize your highest vibration, and take you through an insightful journey to find your power animal.

Creating a Mythic Map to Your Destiny 90M    $245

Experience your Shamanic clearing session and create an opportunity to anchor your transformation. Mythic mapping is a gift of the shaman who encourages insightful ways to get your mind on board with the multi-dimensional healing that you experienced. Mapping is the process of looking at your physical, emotional, soulful and spiritual levels through your health, relationships, emotions and work. This session will help you play out your personal myths, change the archetypes and access the gifts of healthier ones.

Blessing Ceremony 90M   $245

When you have a special occasion that you would like to be celebrated, our resident shaman offers a sacred prayer/blessing bundle for you to give your wishes and desires to spirit. This beautiful creation in the Peruvian tradition is called a Despacho. Your Despacho is then given to the fire through a fire ceremony where it is taken to spirit to be answered. This process includes a clearing of your energy field and rites of initiation that align your vibration with your highest desires.  Examples of celebrations are: birthdays, weddings, births, engagements, deaths, a new job, new relationships, etc.