Seduction Of The Senses Workshop

photoValentine’s Weekend Workshop

A two day program with Valohna Wynn and Owl

Friday February 13th, 2015 – ” Sense and Sensuality Evening” for couples

Location : The View Point

Time: 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm

The evenings intention statement:

The Scents and Sensuality workshop is created with the intention to “rekindle and empower” the passionate nature of coupes in love. Couples are invited to reacquaint themselves with the gift of being vitally awake and engaging in the beauty of being love- Guests will experience a fun yet provocative environment filled with musical parings, communication and a soulful connection.

Guests are asked to bring any of the following to enhance the experience for all:

  • A Flame (battery operated style or tea light)
  • A Scent
  • A Texture
  • A Sensual Song


Saturday Feb 14, 2015 ” Observe with Love” couples workshop

Time: 10:30 am -12:00 pm

Location: The View Point

The mornings Intention Statement-

This Valentines day Lets Observe our Love is an opportunity to explore how each of us sees the role that ‘Love’ plays in our relationships and how this might differ from what the picture was when our relationships were first formed.

Room set up: Yoga mats and cushions

Guests will experience:

  • A couples back to back guided meditation and soul awakening
  • Couples exercise and conversation flow surrounding two questions:
  1. Would you like to share a moment where you very clearly saw, felt and truly got how big your love is for your partner?
  2. Would you like to share a moment where you very clearly saw, felt and truly got how separate you are from your partner?
  • Tools on how to observe how love flows in your relationship and what to do with that information when a “picture” interferes with the flow and causes disharmony.
  • Walk to Labyrinth to declare our love on Valentines day. Couples will engage in a Love rock writing experience and will walk as a group with Owl and Valohna to energize the Labyrinth with intentions of love for self and their mate.