Letter From Kevin Kelly, CEO

August 8, 2013Two-Bunch-Palms-8


On behalf of the new ownership group, TBP Bliss, LLC, I would like to thank you for your patronage of Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort.  Allow me to share with you  our plans to transform this special place back into a premiere wellness destination.

There are many aspects of Two Bunch Palms’ storied past that are unique but I believe the most significant ones are centered on the artesian hot mineral spring waters.   As reported in an archeological study, the legacy of this property can be traced back 600-years, when indigenous people settled on this site, to the time a natural (and later enhanced) oasis was formed over 100 years ago. Two Bunch Palms is a respite with flowing healing waters and lush vegetation that provides natural shade and habitat for wildlife.  This is the tradition we seek to build upon.

We know many of our guests want a break from their hectic, busy lives and seek refuge here to enjoy the calming grotto, open space and healing arts.  The essence of this experience will be preserved as we expand and improve the programming as well as the grounds, restaurant, hotel rooms and spa facilities. 

This year we are focusing on the dining experience and will launch a new restaurant with a healthier gourmet menu and adjunct espresso bar that converts into a cocktail bar in the evening.  We also recently opened the Garden House that offers private gourmet dining that can be rented for special occasions.  Additionally, we are updating and opening our Yoga Dome - a 3,000 square foot earth-mound, passive solar kiva – that will be the centerpiece of our yoga, Tai Chi and movement classes.  We have dedicated space on our Great Lawn for small social and group events and we intend to build meeting space that can hold up to 25 people. While our long range plans calls for a second grotto, café and new spa and fitness building, we have partnered with TechnoGym in the interim to offer our guests a modicum of fitness space near the current grotto in the interim.  And we will retrofit 2 hotel rooms to function as working prototypes in advance of a complete room renovation and expansion project in 2014.

As we expand our room count and activities, we will also add to our pond system and open space to ensure that every guest can find a quiet, reflective space to recharge or awaken to their better self. 

We are ever mindful of the fact that a healthier individual needs to reside on a healthier planet.  Therefore, we have introduced an organic EPA compliant cleaning system that converts water into a sanitation grade-cleaning agent allowing our housekeeping department to do away with 90% of all the chemical products. We will develop our over-arching sustainable protocols around recycling, sourcing, composting, construction efficiencies and renewable energy to name a few, by year-end.

We appreciate you joining us on the first step of this journey and hope you will understand our vision and continue down this path with us while offering constructive criticism and insights along the way.

Kindest regards,


Kevin M. Kelly