Robert Pollin, Pear Energy

Two Bunch Palms celebrates the earth everyday with mindful practices that support our mission of sustainability. Our partnership with Pear Energy to build a solar farm on property that generates the equivalent of our annual electrical usage reinforces that commitment to a healthier planet.


Robert Pollin, the driving force behind Pear Energy, is also an economics professor, author and pollinformer CEO of the NBA Washington Wizards basketball team. In November 2009, after Pollin’s legendary father passed away, he stepped in to run the NBA franchise and Verizon Center arena. By 2011, the business was sold and the proceeds helped to establish the foundation from which Pear Energy was born.

Pollin has conducted extensive research on building the green economy, finding that $1 million in investment can create nearly 17 jobs. In an article for Boston Review, he calls for a $190 billion investment—1.2 percent of U.S. GDP—in energy efficiency and renewables, noting that such an investment would create roughly 2.7 million more jobs per year than investing the same amount of money in fossil fuels. An expert on the green economy, he has served as a consultant for the Obama administration and the US Department of Energy.

Armed with knowledge of government policy, academics and private entrepreneurship, Pollin set out to test and improve upon the relationship between effective government incentives and the private sector, which he believed was under-developed, by founding Pear Energy. The company’s initial focus was solely on providing funding for energy efficient building retrofitting, an important component to reducing greenhouse emissions.

Two Bunch Palms was the first solar installation partnership for Pear. According to Pollin, “It’s wonderful that Two Bunch Palms has taken on this solar initiative and took a chance with Pear, a relatively new company. Creating renewable energy business models has to really happen if we want to take steps toward alleviating climate change.”

Not only does it make economic sense for Two Bunch Palms to ‘go solar’ since it will reduce its operating costs but the solar field will generate power in a manner that saves 375 million gallons of water and prevent 13.5 million pounds of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere over its 21-year lifespan when compared to a coal burning power facility. So Two Bunch Palms can do some good while making smart business decisions.

Two Bunch Palms’ sustainability ethos:

“As a spa wellness company we understand the foundational principles of mind-body-spirit has evolved to the larger interconnectivity of individual, community and natural systems. And, once we understand that everything is interconnected, we will treat ourselves, one another and the planet differently,” Kevin Kelly, CEO.