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“We are indeed much more than what we eat,

but what we eat can nevertheless

help us to be much more than what we are” – Adelle Davis *


Set high in the desert with a view of the San Jacinto Mountains, share a warm inspired setting with friends or someone special.  Recently renovated with natural wood and stone, Essense provides breakfast lunch and dinner with healthier gourmet cuisine that can be enjoyed in your spa robe. Enjoy a cocktail or a fresh juice in addition to the dining on our patio…,


·      Delight in the fresh bounty of the land and immerse in a culinary experience that offers explosive flavors, rich produce and boldly seasoned proteins paired with crisp inviting textures


·      An experience that indulges the palate, seduces the senses and feeds your passions.

Garden House | Breakfast with a View | Refreshing Lunch | Relaxing Lounge | Dining at Dusk

For reservations, call 760-329-8791.