New Asian Therapeutic Bodywork Massage

New Asian Therapy (NAT) is a modern approach of traditional wisdom and classical therapeutic techniques, within the Chinese medical system known as Tui Na (twee Na).NAT focuses on stress relief, improving posture, increasing circulation and promoting body-mind awareness. It incorporates methods of massage therapy, breath work and energy healing for relaxation, revitalization, and an overall feeling of well being. Performed by NAT Master Michael Hamilton, a practitioner of the Internal Arts of Oriental Medicine for more than 40 years.

Initial Consultation & Treatment: — 90 minutes $195

Includes a consultation with Michael Hamilton to assess your concerns and specific needs followed with a bodywork session tailored just for you.

Follow up Treatments:     

60 min – $140 (Single Treatment)

90 min – $210 (Combination of Treatments)

120 min – $280 (Customized)


QIGONG ENERGY HEALING – (Clearing & Balancing )

Designed to clear and cleanse the Aura Field, realign and tune the Chakra System and to enhance the free-flow circulation of our life force (chi) throughout the body

NURTURING the CENTER – (Abdominal / Internal Organ Massage )

Chi Nei Tzang is a gentle massage designed to resolve the negative effects of stress held within our abdomen.

HANDS and FEET BLISS – (Activate the Extremities )

Begins with the application of acupressure on the micro-systems of the hands and feet, and continues to flow up the arms and legs with soft tissue pressure techniques to the acupuncture points and their respective meridians.

ENLIVEN the SPIRIT – (Nourishing the Crown )

Focuses on the application of classical Tui Na techniques to firmly stimulate the acupuncture points alternating with fluid soft tissue techniques on the back, shoulders and neck; and continues with gentle acupressure stimulating the micro-systems of the head (scalp, face, ears) to further enhance relaxation.

HEAVENLY BREATH – (Restorative Breath-work )

Restorative Breath-work is designed to give us the tools to change the habitual pattern of “shallow breathing” into a natural process of “diaphragmatic breathing”.

NEEDLE-LESS ACUPUNCTURE – (Micro-current Point Stimulation Therapy )

  A perfect therapy, in conjunction with Tui Na Therapy, for individuals who like acupuncture, but without the needles. A mild DC current is applied to the acu-points producing an “acupuncture” response allowing for pain levels to be decreased.

30 min – $80 add-on to treatments*



“The NAT therapies are non-invasive and based on Eastern traditions but are not part of any Board Certified Medical or Chiropractic Programs.”