New Asian Therapeutic Bodywork Massage

New Asian Therapy (NAT) is an innovative approach to health and wellness incorporating ancient hands- on bodywork techniques, within the Chinese medical system known as Tui Na. Based on the principles of harmony, balance and circulation of life force (chi), Tui Na incorporates methods of manipulative therapy, breath work and energy medicine, combined with techniques to improve posture, range of motion and body-mind awareness.


Tui Na (twee na) therapy promotes well being, enhances immunity, metabolism and circulation. It tonifies visceral function, resolves abdominal tension and discomfort, relieves back, neck, joint and muscular aches and pains, balances energy and emotions, relieves physical and mental stress, tension and strain.

Treatment Menu

Initial Treatment: — 90 minutes – $195

Includes: a consultation with our NAT Master, Michael Hamilton, to assess your concerns and specific needs followed with a Bodywork session tailored just for you selected from Treatments 1 through 4.

Follow-up Treatment Selection:
60 minutes — $140 — Treatments 1 through 4
90 minutes — $195 — Combination of 2 treatments – 1 through 4
90 minutes — $210 — Treatment 5 — Global Body ( Perfect Blend )
90 minutes — $195 — Treatment 6 — Heavenly Breath  ( Restorative Breath-work )
30 min add-on – $80 — Needless Acupuncture – ( Micro-current Point Stimulation )

1 – QIGONG ENERGY HEALING – ( Clearing & Balancing )

Stress causes a disturbance within our “subtle energy field” and an obstruction to the free flow circulation of our “vital life force” (chi), often manifesting in the physical, mental and spiritual planes of our being. This ancient energy healing practice is designed to clear and cleanse the Auric (aura) Field, realign and tune the Chakra System, enhance the circulation of our Life Force; thereby bringing balance to Body, Mind, Spirit connection.

60 min – $140  /  90 min – $195 – Combination of 1 thru 4

2 – NURTURING the CENTER – ( Abdominal / Internal Organ Massage )

Chi Nei Tzang is designed to resolve the negative effects of stress held within our abdomen. CNT brings about healing from within; calms and relaxes our center, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminates toxins, resolves tension and discomfort. Results of this gentle massage are a general release of stress, soothing of abdominal pain and visceral congestion, improved digestion and elimination, increased circulation and a more balanced emotional state.

60 min – $140  /  90 min $195 – Combination of 1 thru 4

 3 – ACTIVATE the EXTREMITIES – ( Hands and Feet Bliss )

The Ancients understood the hands and feet contain energetic micro-systems by which the whole body can be nourished. Beginning with skillful application of acupressure pressure on the hands and feet, this treatment continues to flow up the arms and legs with soft tissue pressure techniques to the acupuncture points and their respective meridians. While addressing issues of joints, tendons, muscle and soft tissue, the results of this treatment is a removal of blockages, increased range of motion and reduction of pain.

60 min – $140  /  90 min $195 – Combination of 1 thru 4

4 – ENLIVEN the SPIRIT – ( Nourishing the Crown)

This unique mosaic of bodywork focuses on the application of classical Tui Na techniques to firmly stimulate the acupuncture points of the back, shoulders and neck. The treatment continues to flow upwards with gentle acupressure stimulating the micro-systems of scalp, face and ears, alternating with fluid soft tissue techniques to further enhance relaxation. It is a fine way to release the tremendous amount of stress, tension and discomfort we hold in these areas.

60 min – $140  /  90 min – $195 Combination of 1 thru 4

 5 – GLOBAL BODY – ( Perfect Blend )

Global body is a perfect blend of the “New Asian Therapies”. Beginning by clearing and balancing the energy field, with qigong energy healing, we move to opening the center, with chi nei tzang, continuing on to activate the extremities, with hands & feet bliss and finishing by nourishing the crown, with enliven the spirit. A full body experience of relaxation and revitalization.

90 min – $210

  6 – HEAVENLY BREATH – ( Restorative Breath-work )

Stress is the major cause for impaired breathing effecting our physical and emotional well being. Restorative Breath-work is designed to give us the tools to change the habitual pattern of “shallow breathing” into a natural process of “diaphragmatic breathing”. Through a series of sessions incorporating education, hands-on techniques and practice, we become empowered to “transform stress into vitality”  by a longer, deeper and more balanced breathing process.

90 min – $195