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New Asian Therapy Bodywork

New Asian Therapy (NAT) is an innovative approach to health and wellness incorporating traditional wisdom and classical therapeutic bodywork known as Tui Na (twee nah). Recognized as one of the Five Pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui Na is based on the laws of harmony, balance and free-flow circulation of life force (chi).

Tui Na incorporates methods of manipulative therapy, breath-work and energy medicine; combined with techniques to improve posture, increase range of motion and promote body-mind awareness.

New Asian Therapeutic Bodywork blends acupressure meridian massage techniques for the circulation of Qi, blood and lymph; active soft-tissue massage techniques of muscle, tendon and bone addressing specific areas of concern; range of motion techniques to realign the musculoskeletal system; and restorative breathing techniques to center, relax and harmonize.

This healing series of Therapeutic Body-work Massage was developed and is performed by NAT Master, Michael Hamilton. A Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist and Certified Massage Therapist, Michael has over 45 years of experience with the Traditional Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine.

Initial Consultation & Treatment – 90 minutes / $196

Includes a consultation, with Michael, to assess your concerns followed with a bodywork session tailored for you.

Follow up Treatments

After the initial consultation, Michael will work with you to design a treatment protocol centered on your individual needs, drawing from the treatments below.

60 minutes / $160
90 minutes / $240
30 minutes add-on / $80

QIGONG ENERGY HEALING (Clearing & Balancing )

Stress causes a disturbance within our “subtle energy field” and obstruction to the circulation of our “vital life force” (chi) often manifesting in the physical, mental and spiritual planes of our being. Qigong Energy Healing is an ancient practice designed to clear and cleanse the Auric (aura) Field, to realign, balance and tune the system.

NURTURING the CENTER (Abdominal / Internal Organ Massage )

Chi Nei Tzang is beautifully designed to resolve the negative effects of stress held within our abdomen. It brings about healing from within as it calms and relaxes our center, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, eliminates toxins, resolves tension, improves scar tissue and adhesions and treats discomfort through a gentle massage.

HANDS and FEET BLISS (Activate the Extremities )

Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes the hands and feet contain energetic micro-systems through which the whole body can be nurtured. Beginning with skillful application of acupressure pressure on the hands and feet, this treatment continues to flow up the arms and legs, with soft tissue pressure techniques, to the acupuncture points and their respective energy meridians to improve joint, tendon, muscles and soft tissue, and range of motion while enhancement of blood and lymph flow.

ENLIVEN the SPIRIT (Nourishing the Crown )

Based on the principles of acupuncture, this unique mosaic of bodywork focuses on the application of classical Tui Na techniques to firmly stimulate the acupuncture points, with alternating fluid soft tissue massage techniques on the back, shoulders and neck. The treatment continues to flow upwards withgentle acupressure stimulating the micro-systems of head (scalp, face and ears), to further enhance relaxation and invigorate the system.

GLOBAL BODY (A Perfect Blend )

A full body experience for relaxation and revitalization.  Beginning by clearing and balancing the energy field, with pranic healing; moving to opening the center, with chi nei tzang; continuing to activate the extremities, with hands & feet bliss; finishing by nourishing the crown, with enliven the spirit.

HEAVENLY BREATH (Restorative Breath-work )

It is well understood that stress is the major cause for impaired breathing effecting our physical and emotional well being. Restorative Breath-work is designed to give us the tools to change the habitual pattern of “shallow breathing into a natural process of “diaphragmatic breathing.” Through education, hands-on massage techniques and practical breathing application, one can “transform stress into vitality” through a longer, deeper and more balanced breathing.

NEEDLE-LESS ACUPUNCTURE (Micro-current Point Stimulation Therapy )

Needleless Acupuncture is a perfect therapy, in conjunction with Tui Na Massage Therapy, for individuals who like acupuncture, but without the needles. A mild DC current applied to appropriate acu-points produces an “acupuncture” response allowing pain levels to be substantially decreased. Massage therapy supports this response by relaxing and increasing circulation of the targeted area. The MPS therapy incorporates Chinese Medicine, modern neurology and micro current technology.

*Add-on to Treatments – 30 minutes $80

“The NAT therapies are non-invasive and based on Eastern traditions but are not part of any Board Certified Medical or Chiropractic Programs.”