Walk the Rainbow Path

Our labyrinth is the labor of soul and intention by our therapist Carol Paul, inspired by the most ancient of labyrinths.  We invite you to walk it and leave a stone or something that resonates with you next time you visit.


Each path has a number that corresponds to the chakras. Working with the frequency of each , contemplate your question as you enter, and receive the solution as you exit.

Base Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Solar Plexus
Heart Chakra
Throat Chakra
Third Eye
Crown Chakra

Enter on Path 3-2-1-4-7-6-5-Center                                       

At the opening of the labyrinth, take the time to relax and to clarify your question.  Begin your sacred walk on the third path (3) YELLOW, Solar Plexus.  Here you contemplate your path in life.  As you turn onto the second path (2) ORANGE, Sacral Plexus, intuit your feelings and how you react to your tests or difficulties.  Turn on to the first path (1) RED, Base Chakra, the origin or your foundation, your physical world and grounding to the Earth.  You continue on to the fourth path (4) GREEN, Heart Chakra, your analytical side connecting you to your spirituality.  Turn on to the seventh path (7) VIOLET, Crown Chakra connecting with the Source (god or goddess) activating the right hemisphere of your brain, intuition and sacred images.  Continue on to the sixth path (6) INDIGO, Brow,/Third Eye quietly listening to your inner voice for guidance.  Turn on to the fifth path (5) BLUE, Throat Chakra, your spiritual inner voice.  Finally arriving at the CENTER Oneness.

RETURN along the same path exiting on the fifth path without judgement, sixth path seeing your truth, seventh path thanking source in your life, fourth, with an open receiving heart, first path grounding back into the material world, second path connecting to your physical self, third path fully transformed empowered self.