Movement & Enrichment Classes

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Angel Readings – Donna Sacks, Akashic soul reader taps into your spirit guides and guardian angels in an insightful and revealing card reading. Private card readings also available.

Beyond the Secret – Explore what you need on your journey; what you have lost and the answers you have been searching for with Ron Stubbs.

Discover your Power Animal – Journey to your divine animal guidance with our Resident Shaman Dani Burling.

Energy of the Drums – Come discover the energy of healing vibrations by experiencing your inner rhythm on many drums or other instruments. Finding your harmony and confidence will create an insightful connection yourself, each other and spirit.

Find Your Inner Creator – Discover your inner quiet place where you can achieve your goals through a guided meditation and take home tools for your success with Felina Danalis.

Gentle Water Yoga – Enjoy the warmth & humor while you improve your balance, increase your natural range of motion and deeply relax in our healing waters with Melinda Lowrey.

Therapeutic Yoga/Gentle Yoga Stretch – Two Bunch Palms is very proud of the caliber of yogis who grace us with their expertise. Brigitte,Bassard, Jivani Futterman, Judith Chapman, Lisa Marie Grimes & Crystal Crittenden are trained to guide those who are beginners to advanced. They also offer private sessions for you and/or your group.

Harmonic Vibrations Sound Bath – Join Wyatt Smith every Saturday night at 9pm as he takes you to a blissful state with the harmonic vibrations of three Paiste gongs and the 7-chakra tuned crystal bowls.  He also offers private sessions for you and/or your group.

Hypnosis Revealed – Have fun exploring the powerful world of the mind using modern hypnosis; exploring trance work; powerful wording; body language and pendulums with Ron Stubbs.

Intention Burning/Blessing – Be cleansed and cleared of what you want to let go of and bring in your better self with Donna Sacks.

Living the Four Agreements – Based on the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, this interactive discussion facilitated by Hani Angelos allows you to become a witness to your own thoughts as you shift perception and lift your consiousness.

Mindful Living at Home and Work – Take a guided meditation to sense alignment of goals at work and uncover strategies for your life with Felina Danalis.

Mindfulness of Breath Meditation – With its roots in Buddhism for 2000 years, Mindfulness of Breath is the art of “awareness of” and “attentive to” the coming and going of one’s breath. Through this practice one is able to calm and quiet the mind. By making the mind void of thought, one can gain a natural meditative state, which brings forth “insight”, “wisdom” and “clear thinking”. Simply sit, breathe, smile and let go with Michael Hamilton.

Power of JuicingParticipate in making and sampling one of our Essense Restaurant’s famous juices. Come be inspired to understand the intelligence of your body for a healthier lifestyle with Dani Burling, Hani Angelos, Tatiana Wrenfeather or Suzanne Barber, Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

Power of Now – Based on the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, this interactive discussion facilitated by Hani Angelos takes you through an exploration of the gift of being present.

Shaman Blessings, Journeys and Ceremonies – Come experience a guided journey, blessings and ceremony for you, nature and Mother Earth with our Resident Shaman Dani Burling, as she drums and rattles for you to discover your greatest accomplishments and bring balance to your life and to the land. She also offers Shaman Sessions through the Spa Menu as well as private sessions for you and/or your group.

Spiritual Healing – Donna Sacks is able to connect to the source to provide you with information that is needed in this incarnation. She also offers private sessions for you and/or your group.

Tai Chi QigongMichael Hamilton who is recognized as an international teacher combines the healing arts of Qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and Zen Martial Arts. He also offers Asian Therapy through the Spa Menu and is available for private sessions for you and/or your group.

Vino & Van Gogh/ Wine, Watercolor & WonderBe inspired with our artist, Victoria Nelson, who guides you through your masterpiece of expression while sampling one of our finest wines. Also, play in an expression of painting while enjoying a wine toast to celebrate your day of play with Suzanne Barber. They also offer private sessions for you and/or your group.

When the weather is challenging we will alternate between Celestial Dome and View Point. You may want to drive up the driveway by the entrance of Two Bunch Palms Resort and Spa. Please stop by the front desk if you may have any questions. Please note that all classes are subject to change and limited to size and are first come, first serve. Please sign up in advance for the all classes held in the Garden House on day of the class. If you want a full experience, please see the Spa to book a private session.