Hani Angelos, CMT

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 8.22.15 PMHani Angelos was born in Indonesia from Dutch parents. She left The Netherlands at age 19 and moved to New York, subsequently moving to Los Angeles, where she appeared in several television shows and films. (Hogans Heroes and The Amazing Dobermans).

Her interests in the healing arts has been an integral part of her life. Always a seeker, she began studying different masters and in the early seventies, she was fortunate to meet Jiddu Krishnamurti whos teachings had a profound influence on her. Several years later, she moved to West Hollywood where she lived across the street from the Bodhi Tree bookstore, an iconic metaphysical bookstore in Los Angeles made famous by Shirley MacLain. This gave her a chance to explore a variety of teachings and participate in many workshops.

 The teachers whom she resonated with the most, were Eckart Tolle, don Miguel Ruiz, Ramana Maharaji, Joel Goldsmith, all of whom opened her eyes to the possibility of a different consciousness.

 Aside from her interest in metaphysics, she developed an interest in nutrition and at the same time that she met Jiddu Krishnamurti she met and was educated by a German Healer, who taught her nutritional principles that today are being embraced. She was able to hone her skills in the magic of juicing, food combining, veganism and various plant based diets.

 Hani lives in La Quinta and has a grown son. She enjoys her two doggies, reading, swimming and the joy of living.