Gentle Water Yoga

Whether or not you’ve ever done yoga or Ai Chi before, this class is for you. Water is a forgiving medium…your joints are supported, there is no fear of falling, the pressure of the water reduces inflammation and swelling and feels so good to be in.  Improve your balance, increase your natural range of motion and deeply relax .  You don’t need to be a swimmer to participate and it’s a great complement to those who already practice Water Aerobics.  This graceful form of aquatic exercise is designed to strengthen your body while promoting relaxation.

HeadShot111815UsedJoin Melinda Lowrey every Thursday afternoon during our Twilight Thursdays at our cool pool.  Melinda teaches with warmth and humor and welcomes all levels by providing variations and suggestions for all abilities, guided by the knowledge that everyone will benefit from working with both the body’s abilities and challenges. As a grandmother to 7 and a new-to-Ukulele student, she is determined to age gracefully and share this passion with her students.