Donations Guidelines

As a mission driven company, our goal is to assist to all those in need.  Unfortunately we are not able to fulfill all the requests.  We recommend that you review the following information before submitting a donations request.

Two Bunch Palms Charitable Giving Policies and Protocol

Must pertain to one of three charitable expenses:
1. To benefit local children’s health and wellness in Coachella Valley
2. To benefit local adult health and wellness in Coachella Valley
3. To benefit schools and first responders in Desert Hot Springs

Solicitation regulations:
· Those received from national philanthropic organizations must directly benefit people associated in the local community. Therefore, we will only consider donating to the local chapter of the organization, if one exists unless they can show that they are supporting a local cause.
· Requests must come from non-profit organizations.
· All requests must be sent to  Please allow at least 2 weeks for a response.