Chronology of Two Bunch Palms History

1856         Government sent men to pick out feasible trails for overland travel to the East. Water was very necessary for men and animals, so in 1856 US surveyors placed corner stakes on Section 32 and a few adjoining parcels of land, because of water seepage. On Section 32 there was a large hill, and at its western end, two groups of native palm trees thus giving the name ‘Two Bunch” to this locality.

1913          Bob Carr claims Two Bunch Palms land as his homestead. His friend, Cabot Yerxa discovers hot curative waters in Miracle Hill.

1937          Thomas H. Lipps purchases Two Bunch Palms with plans of building a casino and a spa.

1940         Bureau of Land Management permits Two Bunch Palms for development, then known as The Desert Spa.

1969         Robert Krause Investment Agency purchases and changes name to Two Bunch Palms.

1978         After acquiring Two Bunch Palms, Bob Beaumont of Transam Ltd, a flamboyant developer purchases an entire warehouse full of antiques to furnish the property with.

1989         Pacific Land & Resorts in Century City adds an additional 75 acres to Two Bunch Palms after acquisition.

1996         Paul Reitz of Sinclair Resorts & Hotels Management adds Two Bunch Palms to their portfolio that includes L’Auberge in Sedona

2006        John King of King Ventures acquires Two Bunch with the intention of adding a healing arts program.

2012         After 7 different owners, the property is acquired by TBP Bliss, a group of Hollywood producers and real estate investors from LA committed to bringing it back to its former glory.

Due to the security features and underground tunnels with one of the original residences, rumors had Al Capone associated with the property. While unsubstantiated and considered an urban legend by some, it should be noted the property was once conceived as a site for a gaming casino in the late 1930’s.