Celebrating 75 Years of Tradition, Legacy & Renewal

Two Bunch Palms Site
Archeological studies have shown that for 600 years, hot artesian waters rich in minerals bubbled to the surface to form a lush oasis that served as a respite for weary travelers.  As early as 1857, journal entries show that a settler recorded the discovery of our site as a place to rest and find water marked by two palm groves.  In 1909, the US Army Camel Corps of Engineers surveyed the area and identified the location as “two bunch of palms.”

The Resort itself has been in operation since the 1940’s and was known as a discreet hideaway for Hollywood celebrities, notorious historic gangsters and those seeking healing from its unique mineral lithium rich hot springs. In 2012, an experienced hospitality and spa management team along with the Board of Managers dedicated themselves to enhance the Resort, improve operations and entitle the surrounding land through a two-phase development plan.  On its 75th years, JRNL Two Bunch Palms acquired the property in fall of 2015 with the mission of continuing the vision.

To date, Two Bunch Palms is the oldest hot mineral springs resort in the country and also the first carbon neutral resort in America.

Chronology of TBP History

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