Blessing Bundles “Despacho”

IMG_0111Participate in a banquet for spirit that manifests into a beautiful work of art.  The shaman prepares a selection of offerings that are laid out on a table and the shaman hands each participant a piece of offering.  Participants are asked to offer prayers or intentions and breathe or blow their energy into the piece which becomes part of the ‘bundle’ that is offered in gratitude to the spirits and natural forces.

IMG_0107Despacho (pronounced: des-pah-cho) Is a Spanish word popularly used to refer to the traditional Andean offering of gratitude sent to the Nature Spirits, Holy Mountains, the Four Directions, and the five Elements.

IMG_0109It is a prayer bundle lined with dreams to express gratitude for what has yet to manifest. A despacho may contain as many as 200 different ingredients. It is created in a ceremony performed by an Andean Priest(s). This offering is traditionally burned, buried, or allowed to sink in a lake or other body of water depending on the meaning and purpose of the offering. Haywarisqa (pronounced: hi-wa-ree-ska) is the actual quechua term.

heart despacho