Bill Cordell & Sacred Sound Bath

William Cordell

Certified Sacred Sound Healer and Bikram Yoga Instructor

Since the age of 12, William Cordell was fascinated with sound and music, which lead him to over 20 years of music around the world. At 21, he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, in which, the body’s immune system attacks the gastrointestinal tract possibly directed at microbial antigens. William Cordell bio pic
Stress and diet were huge impacts of the disease and requires a steroid to help calm the inflammation. In 2011, he had severe back pain and requested a MRI, which found a cracked and bulging disc. Cortisone shots into the spine had no results, with no other option than a gamble with spinal surgery, the doctor suggested Bikram yoga. William began doing yoga and studying forms of meditation to help with his stress and pain. Within six months of practicing Bikram yoga, Williams’s pain resolved and he was able to get off all medications. The absence of pain and the clarity from a regular yoga practice led him to his next phase of healing. As he continued his studies he has become fascinated with sound healing.Tibetan bowls 2 In 2013 he went to Bikram teacher training in Los Angeles, a 9-week strenuous training program, and graduated. This began his teaching career to help others overcome their own mind and body obstacles. When one door closes many doors open and his path truly began leaving the world he knew as music for a more spiritual and harmonious path. The Tibetan singing bowls had a draw on him for many years and in 2014 he again stepped in the direction of divine knowledge and became a certified sound-healing practitioner. Using the Tibetan artifacts as vessels, they created a means to help his own stress throughout his life and learning to use the Buddhist philosophy and energy work with these ancient artifacts was an amazing passion and way-of-life to share with others. Sound vibrations, element work, crystal and pendulums are all part of the sound healing process. Tibetan bowls 1The proven affect the Tibetan bowls have on our brain wave frequency changes to a deep dreamlike state where we can awaken our subconscious minds and start a deep healing process to which stress, anxiety and other symptoms can be relived. Sound has been clinically proven to be a vital part of the healing process for cancer patients during chemotherapy and side effects especially for pain relief management. William has a La Quinta, Ca location for private Sacred Sound healing, teaches Bikram yoga at Bikram Yoga University Village and performs Group and private sound baths throughout the Coachella Valley.