Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort is home to the famed mineral springs that descend from Miracle Hill. These artesian waters that have been flowing for 600 years bubble up to the surface and do not see the light of day until they flow into our grotto. Our legendary grotto features two mineral water pools that are carefully kept at a consistent temperature. The unique composition of this mineral water is world-famous for its therapeutic and mood-enhancing properties, low in sulfur and rich in lithium. Once immersed in our waters, you’ll experience a level of nourishment and rejuvenation never felt before.  We would like to dispel a misnomer,  The Grotto is not chlorinated. It is a natural spring Grotto that recharges every 24 hours and returns to the ground at Two Bunch Palms.  We do seek to have the purest of artesian hot mineral springs well water from our site but on occasion add trace elements of chlorine to prevent algae during hot months or busy seasons.

Two Bunch Palms Water rpt