An Exploration of Wellbeing

kkelly-febThe concept of “wellbeing” has a different meaning for each of us and evolves throughout our lives. It can involve personal or family health, live/work balance, spiritual satisfaction or emotional security. We know 3 out of 4 adults surveyed think their life is out of balance and 60% measure their wellbeing by how “hopeful, joyful and energized” they feel. Emotions drive our sense of wellbeing. Canyon Ranch Health Resorts’ founder, Mel Zuckerman – a friend and mentor – reminds us that most behavior modification occurs when an event impacts the emotional side (right) versus the logical side (left) of our brain. Therefore, spa resorts should provide healthy, joyful experiences to encourage positive change. Emotions may impact our wellbeing more than we know. Dr. Tanzi of Harvard Medical Center and Dr. Deepak Chopra now believe 95% of our genetic make-up is influenced through lifestyle and environment, including our emotions. Experiences and lifestyle choices can affect our epigenetic markers positively or negatively. These modifications can then be transferred to our children, genetically passing on our life experiences to future generations. Fortunately, positive experiences and healthier lifestyle practices, such as meditation, reduced stress, laughter, diet, exercise, being appreciative and living in a cleaner environment can literally activate or shut down aspects within our genes.

The Dalai Lama observes that many wealthy, consumer-oriented societies have less joy because people confuse seeking pleasure (externally driven) with happiness (internally driven).

For decades studies have concluded people feel they are thriving and have a better sense of wellbeing if they are in meaningful relationships, have purposeful work and reasonable security (financial, safety and health). Dr. Soho, a 20-year practicing Buddhist monk visiting us next month, believes we can remove negative memories from our subconscious through a breathing meditative practice and thereby find more joy in our life. Dr. Emoto, working from the string theory of quantum physics conducted research that suggests positive images, music and words impact vibrational energy that creates a physical outcome. Literally, positive thoughts and healthy intentions create more joy and wellbeing at a molecular level. Yogi Sadhguru says the nature of human beings is to seek expansion and once we transcend the limits of the five physical senses we move into the spiritual.

While this pedagogical journey known as life is full of distractions and hurdles, we can manifest a more joyful outcome and greater sense of wellbeing by making a conscious decision to live more positively, include healthier choices, remain intellectually curious and practice gratitude.

-Kevin Kelly
CEO, Two Bunch Palms