Our History


For 600 years, hot artesian waters rich in minerals bubbled to the surface to form a lush oasis that served as a respite for weary travelers. As early as 1857, a settler recorded the discovery of our site as a place to rest and find water marked by two palm groves. In 1909, the US Army Camel Corps of Engineers surveyed the area and identified the location as ‘two bunches of palms’.


The Resort itself has been in operation since the 1940’s and was known as a discreet hideaway for Hollywood celebrities, notorious historic gangsters and those seeking healing from its unique mineral and lithium rich hot springs. TBP Bliss, LLC acquired the property in 2012 and an experienced hospitality and spa management team along with the Board of Managers dedicated themselves to enhance the Resort, improve operations and entitle the surrounding land through a two-phase development plan.


In 2013, significant capital investment facilitated the renovation of the restaurant, Garden House, Yoga Dome, 3 new model guest rooms along with landscape and infrastructure improvements and completing a master-plan for the site.    Additionally, the Resort deepened its wellness programming and created a partnership with Pear Energy to build a 3.5-acre solar field (scheduled to be completed by March 2015) in order to generate the equivalent of 100% of its electrical power needs through renewable energy, making it the first resort of its kind in North America. In addition to the benefit of the solar power agreement reducing Two Bunch Palms’ utility bills this sustainable position resonates with its targeted spa audience. Thereby, reinforcing its brand ethos about individual and planetary health.


In the summer of 2014, the resort underwent a massive room renovation that brought the property and its 70 rooms on 77 lush acres to the standards of a modern-day high-end wellness resort. By capitalizing on its legendary hot mineral springs and spa reputation and then expanding its wellness programs to include healthier dining and movement and fitness classes, such as Chi Gong, Tai Chi, yoga, Pilates, dance, Eastern medicine and weight training, and showcasing its renewable energy position, Two Bunch Palms has redefined itself as a true destination spa/wellness getaway and established itself as the thought leader in the wellness space.