Our History

two bunch palms clock 300x291 Our HistoryNow a verdant oasis with lawns, lagoons, pools and a shady palm-ringed grotto, this resort was no more than a trickling artesian well whose steaming water disappeared quickly into the parched ground of these desert foothills along the southern edge of present-day Desert Hot Springs. When a survey team of the US Army Camel Corps passed this way in 1907, there was little else to describe this location overlooking the Coachella Valley except for the two groves of native Washingtonian palms that flourished in the barren soil. And so it was that Two Bunch got its name.

From the cradle of time deep within the Coachella Valley Desert, the waters of health ascend through the geological fault at Miracle Hill and descend downward to nurture the oasis that is the legendary Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort. This life-sustaining artesian mineral well was prized by Native American tribes and archeological digs have uncovered historical village sites adjacent to the naturally occurring spring. This healing refuge has withstood the test of time and continues to be a retreat from the world where people shed their everyday burdens and enjoy the experience.

Throughout the years, many celebrities have come to Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort to shed the trappings of their fame while donning the simple life in our Two Bunch robe. Enticed by the magical allure of mineral waters, natural beauty and therapeutic relaxation, many have come to make their spiritual mark on Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort. While we continue to welcome any number of well-known guests, none are as notorious as the original “Scarface” himself, Al Capone.

Two Bunch Palms Spa Resort has had many owners, but all have understood that the mystique of Two Bunch Palms is fueled by the true essence of water, relaxation, beauty and simplicity. While our famed mineral waters spring from the cradle of time, our current successes have been built by a steady progression of thoughtful improvements that enhance the legacy without sacrificing its character and reputation as being nature’s spa and your oasis.