75 Years of Tradition, Legacy and Renewal

Two Bunch Palms will celebrate its 75th Anniversary in 2015! This tremendous milestone speaks to the legacy and spirit of this unique, hot mineral spring spa resort. History tells us that indigenous peoples, explorers and settlers found respite at this natural palm grove oasis in the desert over the centuries but the construction and operations of this resort began 75-years ago. Two Bunch Palms has transcended many economic cycles while proving itself through the test of time. Its traditions, legacy and as a place of renewal has served customers for three generations, including legendary gangsters, Hollywood stars, musicians, executives, cerebral spa goers and romantic couples. Two Bunch Palms’ long standing presence speaks to its authority and authenticity within our industry. It is an honor for my partners, our associates and me to be involved with one of the oldest operating spa resorts in North America and to celebrate Two Bunch Palms’ anniversary with you, as we work to ensure these waters flow and traditions continue for another 75-years. As a long time healer once told me, “waters and energy that come from Mother Earth and flow to Father Sky deserves as much.”  Happy New Year!


Kevin M. Kelly, CEO